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How Teachers Can Find the Best Books

LATEST BLOG: The best way to find good books is to seek out your ideal bookshop, use social media and refer to different children’s book awards. Great books are key to success for...  Read more

New resource: Reading Workshop - Daily Planner (Editable), F-6

Use this resource to help you with your daily planning of Good Reader Mini Lessons, within your English workshop unit.  The document is in Word format, so it can be filled in/adapted on...  Read more

Can Writing Live Without Reading?

LATEST PODCAST, Ep 70: Teaching writing (and literacy) can sometimes be 'a bit of this and a bit of that'. Sometimes we teach in a compartmentalised way, and there is no connection between...  Read more

How to Teach Letters and Sounds to Early Learners

LATEST BLOG:  Teachers need to use clear statements and shared readings when teaching the different sounds of letters to early learners. Establishing the best steps for teaching letters and sounds to early learners...  Read more

Morning Message as a High Impact Tool

LATEST PODCAST, Ep 69: While the Morning Message can feel like a standard routine, it is a crucial way for teachers to help their students connect with literacy, the day and each other....  Read more

The Best Questions Teachers Should Ask When Thinking About Reading

LATEST BLOG: Asking the right questions will help students to think effectively about reading, and understand text in a deeper way. A hurdle literacy teachers can face is students not doing the ‘big...  Read more

The Power of Key Words with Rob Vingerhoets

LATEST PODCAST, Ep 68 The Power of Key Words with Rob Vingerhoets As teachers, we're always on the look out for easy ways for students to access vocabulary and build knowledge about words...  Read more

How to Teach Writing Effectively by Identifying With Students

LATEST BLOG: Education consultant Alan Wright says effective teaching begins with teachers understanding and better relating to students’ joys and struggles in writing. It can often be tough for teachers to construct meaningful...  Read more

Planning Effectively With The English Curriculum

LATEST PODCAST, Ep 67: Literacy expert Sharon Callen talks about how to connect the English curriculum with teaching. As motivated teachers, we need easy ways to access the English curriculum and connect it...  Read more

English Curriculum Planners, Yrs F=6

Are you looking for an easy way to ensure you are covering the Australian Curriculum (version 9) in your English planning? In this package English Curriculum Planner, Yrs F-6 (best enlarged to A3), ...  Read more

How to Teach High Frequency Words Through Student Exploration

Top educator Diane Snowball says exploration allows young students to meaningfully learn high frequency words. The key to teaching high frequency words, and in fact anything in literacy, purposefully and meaningfully, is to...  Read more

How to Engage Struggling Students in Reading and Writing

How to Engage Struggling Students in Reading and Writing Struggling or ‘striving’ readers and writers can be better supported by teachers using a range of strategies to promote higher engagement. On Episode 60...  Read more

Video Casts FREE for Teachific members

Dear all, All our Video Casts and Video Mini Lessons are now FREE as part of your membership.  Those who are not members can still purchase them throgh the SHOP. Access Video Casts...  Read more

Reading Calendars: Growing Your Readers

Reading Calendars (Years 2-6) are a simple yet highly effective tool for students to track and showcase their life as a reader over the course of a year. They promote independence and responsibility,...  Read more

Conferring with Readers: Assessment Rubrics

Conferring with students is a unique and significant opportunity to learn about what a student is doing as a reader/writer as we engage with them side by side during the Reading Conference. This...  Read more

Conferring With Reader Prompts

Conferring With Reader Prompts Find out what your readers know about the act of reading with these 5 really good questions/prompts. Have them handy when you confer with each student individually, or during...  Read more

I Can't Said the Ant

I Can't Said the Ant by Polly Cameron, 1961 (old as me) and a favourite, is a perfect poem for writing innovation. We’ve been talking a lot about poetry in podcasts and this...  Read more

The Motivation to Read Profile - Survey for Students

Designing effective and engaging instruction means considering the motivational needs of students. The Motivation to Read Profile: Survey for Students is a tool that supports teachers in creating motivating classroom contexts for literacy....  Read more

Teaching Poetry: Mini Lessons

This resource, Teaching Poetry: Mini Lessons presents a range of Mini Lesson ideas K-6 to transform your teaching of poetry: from hearing it, to exploring it, to collecting it, to enjoying it, to...  Read more

Standardised Tests - Preparing Students

Included in this resource pack 'Standardised Testing - Preparing Students' is: NAPLAN/PatR reading tips for helping students do their best on multiple choice questions NAPLAN/PatR reading top 10 suggestions for embedding test-taking skills...  Read more

Question Answer Response - Resource Sheets

Included in this resource 'Question Answer Response - Resource Sheets' are:  4 Question Types Right There Questions Think and Search Questions Author and You Questions On My Own Question These tips/prompts are featured...  Read more

Reading Comprehension Prompts: Flip Chart Yrs 3-4 and Yrs 5-6

Reading Comprehension Prompts: Finding Specific Information in Texts, Yrs 3-4 and Yrs 5-6 This flip chart resource has a focus on 'Good Readers Find Specific Information in Texts.' It can be enlarged to...  Read more

The Teacher's Toolkit for Literacy

The Teacher’s Tool Kit For Literacy is the free podcast for motivated teachers and school leaders who want the latest tips, tricks and tools to inspire their students and school community in literacy...  Read more

New Writer's Workshop Planning Packs!

The Writer's Workshop Unit Planning Pack is everything you need for effective, high impact planning in writing. Download a pack for each year level from Foundation to Year 6. Each pack includes: Notes...  Read more

Help your kids thrive on Maths at home!

Dear Principal, AP, Numeracy Coordinator, Lead Teacher (Numeracy), My name is Rob Vingerhoets and I’ve been a Maths Consultant for over 15 years and have worked in many of your schools. To assist...  Read more