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Building Vocabulary - Beyond Glossaries and Definitions
Misty Adoniou

We are truly excited to offer you the opportunity to spend a day with Misty Adoniou, Adjunct Associate Professor in Language, Literacy and TESOL at the University of Canberra, and a Principal Fellow at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.
Misty researches and writes in the fields of literacy and teacher professional knowledge, and is a passionate advocate for the use of quality literature to teach children to read and write. She works with educators around the globe leading professional learning in spelling, grammar and writing. Her latest book is ‘Spelling it out – How Words Work and How to Teach Them’, published by Cambridge University Press.  

In Misty's words...
The size of a student’s vocabulary is a reliable predictor of success in school. There is a growing awareness of the importance of vocabulary, and vocabulary teaching strategies are increasingly commonplace in schools.
 Glossaries, the Frayer Model and lists of Tier 1, 2 and 3 vocabulary are common approaches to vocabulary teaching but have their limitations.
In this workshop I offer two additional perspectives on the teaching of vocabulary which schools can incorporate into their existing approaches. 
1.      Words take their meaning from the company they keep – so all vocabulary teaching must be done in context.
2.      The hardest words in a text can often be the smallest words.
 I will use classroom examples to illustrate the veracity of these points, and discuss what they mean for instructional practices.
Hope you can join us for an inspiring day with one of Australia's leading voices in literacy learning.
Phil Callen
Sharon Callen
Lisa Burman

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DATE:  Saturday 21st September
9.00 - 1.00pm  Saturday
AUDIENCE: Teachers/ Teacher Leaders/ School Leaders
VENUE:  Glenelg Golf Club
James Melrose Road
Novar Gardens, SA, 5040


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