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Planner: Gradual Release Model


Standard Resource

Years: K to 6

2 Pages

Product Code: TEAC1679

Resource Type: Planning

About this teaching resource

The Planner: Gradual Release Model, is an effective literacy block planning tool using the 'Gradual Release of Responsibilty' model. It allows for great felxibility when integrating all aspects of literacy - reading, writing and word work.

See the video (8 mins) below to view how a Year 4,5,6 teacher uses it effectively in her classroom. 

Also see 'Related teaching resources' below for links to Tally Charts.

The Planner: Gradual Release Model includes:

1. Read Aloud 

2. Mini Lesson (using the Tally Chart)

3. Independent Reading - using the strategies in their own reading

4. Reading conferences

5. Reflection and Sharing

6. Spelling and Word Work

7. Writing

8. Reflection and Sharing


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