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Analysing Student Writing: Spelling, Yrs F-2


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Years: K-2

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Product Code: TEAC2126

Resource Type: Classroom Resources

About this teaching resource

Use this resource Analysing Student Writing: Spelling, Yrs F-2, to analyse student’s writing and note what the student CAN or CANNOT do when writing and what their correct spelling shows that they KNOW or DON’T KNOW. Use the following list to do this.

Use the checklist provided e.g:

The student can:

  • attempt unknown words
  • automatically spell some high frequency words correctly
  • automatically spell some other words correctly
  • use onset-rime structure
  • use syllabification (how many parts in the word?)
  • etc 


  • Go to this 'Analysing a Student's Writing' resource on Teachific:
  • Complete 'Analysing a Student's Writing' Teachific Course (76 min) here: Receive a certificate with PD hours on it.


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