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Welcome to my Caboodle Box!

Welcome to my unshuttable Caboodle Box of literacy resources for k-6 students!

I wanted to create a place that was the sum of my best experiences with students using creative and engaging resources, the type that spark possibilities, questions, exploration, wonder, deep thinking, all of which are the natural dispositions of k-6 learners.

You’ll find lots of resources on this site that are ready for you and your students today, such as mini lessons, activities, tools and games. You’ll also discover sets of resources to help you craft strong literacy routines, such as Reading Journals, Book Chats, Quick Writes, and Spelling Explorations. Throughout the site you’ll notice my fondness for real texts for they are truly at the heart of enabling our students to join the literacy club.

But I didn’t create this site to show you what I could do; I wanted to show you what you could do, and most importantly what your students could do.

Now, off to the classroom! Sharon

What our users are saying

A great collection of poems, perfect for learning. The Read, Mix, Fix, Read strips are a great tool and the content in general is really engaging for young minds.

Jamie M