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Engaging Readers with Rhyme Bites, Yrs F-1

Running time: 13 min

Type: Ready to Go Lesson

Years: K-2

Presenter: Sharon

Course code: C015

Engaging Readers with Rhyme Bites, Yrs F-1

Sharon Callen

Rhyme Bites bring together and reward young readers with the opportunity to develop, use and understand engaging texts.

They offer over 50 traditional rhymes and finger plays, intentionally designed as 4-8 page booklets for young readers to illustrate for their own reading and rereading.  They develop:

  • Early concepts of print,
  • Rhyming as a critical part of phonological awareness,
  • Phonological awareness,
  • Reading skills and strategies, 
  • Refined reading processes and strategies through rereading, 
  • High-frequency word recognition,
  • An expanding vocabulary, 
  • Comprehension strategies,
  • Fluency - expression, pacing, phrasing,
  • Oral language,
  • All wrapped up in a joyous and engaging book creation and illustrating endeavour. 

See the Rhyme Bites resources on Teachific here 

Sharon Callen

Sharon Callen is a seasoned literacy consultant with over 30 years of experience in Australia and the USA. She has authored numerous literacy journal articles, teacher resources, and children's books. Sharon runs Teachific, a website offering practical tools and courses for teachers, and hosts "The Teacher's Tool Kit For Literacy" podcast. She founded Cue Learning, an Australian consultancy specialising in literacy and numeracy, and has held various educational roles, including classroom teaching, coaching, tutoring, and lecturing.


  • 1 chapter
  • 1 printable resource

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