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Foundation for Learning and Literacy

We collaborate with the Foundation for Learning and Literacy by promoting their unique and comprehensive range of resources for teachers and leaders via our blogs and newsletters. They in turn promote the Teachers Toolkit for Literacy podcasts and blogs regularly on their 'News' page: News Page.

We encourage you to become a Friend of the Foundation here: Foundation Friend

The FFLL main website can be accessed here: FFLL website

International Literacy Association

The International Literacy Association, formerly the International Reading Association, is an international global advocacy and member professional organization that was created in 1956 to improve reading instruction, facilitate dialogue about research on reading, and encourage the habit of reading across the globe. Access their site here.

Where the Wild Things Are bookshop - Brisbane

Check out the books talked about by Genevieve Kruyssen and Sharon Callen on the Teachers Toolkit podcast Ep 88 here: podcast page. And we encourage you to go to the Where the Wild Things Are bookshop main website page: here.

Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools

In 2022 we collaborated with the Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools in producing an online course for coaches in schools called 'Coaching Models for Shifts in Teaching.' You can access the course on the Teachific site via the links below. Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools can access the course via their website for free.

There are 24 chapters in the overall course.


Podcast Partners

We have interviewed a wide range of people on our podcasts: expert educators, accomplished classroom teachers, authors, artists etc

Expert educators/ consultants

  • Robyn Ewing AM Professer Emerita, Ep 40
  • Dr Brian Cambourne, Ep 75. Ep 70
  • Diane Snowball, Ep 87 Ep 80 Ep 77 Ep 66 Ep 64 Ep 61 Ep 38 Ep 26
  • Misty Adoniou PhD, Ep 59 Ep 58
  • Alan Wright, Ep 62 Ep 30
  • Rob Vingerhoets, Ep 90 Ep 68 Ep 54 Ep 53 Ep 14
  • Bobbie Cameron, Ep 50

Accomplished classroom teachers/ leaders

  • Giselle Pulford, Ep 47 Ep 34 Ep 22 Ep 6
  • Lucy Stinson, Ep 76 Ep 42
  • Maddie Cotterall, Ep 12
  • Alison Marsh, Ep 16
  • Kate Tucker, Ep 83 Ep 78
  • Ra Te Whare, Ep 78
  • Robert Kennedy, Ep 78
  • Liam Bucco, Ep 79
  • Liz Sanderson, Ep 79


  • Mem Fox, Ep 18
  • Mike Dumbleton, Ep 82 Ep 20
  • Amelia McInerney, Ep 44
  • Boori Monty Pryor, Ep 37
  • Wayne Dutschke, Ep 8


  • Greg Holfeld, Ep 91 Ep 4
  • Paul Kelly, Ep 28
  • Ted Egan, Ep 84

Publishers, literature consultants and other

  • Mark Macleod, Ep 48
  • Eloise Hall, Ep 24
  • Genevieve Kruyssen, Ep 88 Ep 76
  • Rebecca Bird, Ep 65 Ep 32 Ep 10