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Part 3: High Impact Strategies for Struggling Readers, Years 3 to 6 - Effective Book Selection

Welcome back to the third instalment of our podcast series on high-impact strategies for struggling readers, focusing on students in grades three to six. In this episode, we delve into the crucial aspect...  Read more

Part 2: High Impact Strategies for Struggling Readers, Years 3 to 6 - The Reading Workshop

In the latest episode of our podcast series, Sharon Callen and her colleague Phil return to delve deeper into the transformative strategies of the Reading 'workshop'. This time, they shine a spotlight on...  Read more

Part 1: High Impact Strategies for Struggling Readers, Yrs 3-6 - The Reading Workshop

Teachers often find themselves grappling with the challenge of teaching struggling readers, particularly in the intermediate grades (years 3-6). Literacy expert Sharon Callen and her colleague Phil delve into this common struggle, acknowledging...  Read more

Unveiling the Science of Teaching: A Journey into Evidence-Based Education

In the second part of the podcast series "Evidence-Based Teaching, What Is It?," Misty Adoniou, an expert in education, delves into the intricacies of evidence-based teaching. She sheds light on misconceptions surrounding ready-made...  Read more

Understanding Evidence-Based Teaching: A Conversation with Misty Adoniou

In this enlightening podcast, Evidence Based Teaching, What Is It? – Part 1, Misty Adoniou, a renowned literacy expert, joins the discussion to shed light on evidence-based teaching. Misty's extensive background in language,...  Read more

Unlocking the Joy of Writing: Insights from Sharon Callen's Podcast

In a captivating podcast episode New Writing Units Uncovered, Part 2 with Sharon Callen, educators are invited into an enriching dialogue on nurturing students' writing skills with joy and purpose. Delving into the...  Read more

Announcing New Writing Units: A Teacher's Guide

Welcome back to The Teacher's Toolkit for Literacy podcast for a new season, where this fortnight we delve into the intricacies of teaching writing effectively. In this podcast episode, New Writing Units Uncovered...  Read more

Navigating Teachific: A Treasure Trove of Resources for Educators

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey through Teachific, your ultimate destination for educational resources? in this 9 minute video, join us as we navigate through the wealth of materials available...  Read more

There Are So Many Reasons to Rhyme

Incorporating rhymes into reading instruction offers a plethora of benefits for young learners, making it a valuable tool in the classroom. Firstly, rhymes aid in developing phonemic awareness by helping children discern individual...  Read more

Creating Stronger Readers Through Read-Aloud

A teacher's insights: In this insightful blog, Sharon shares her experiences and strategies for incorporating read-alouds into her classroom routine when she taught students in years 3-7. She emphasises the importance of literature...  Read more

How to Teach Early Writers

HOW TO TEACH EARLY WRITERS Follow these top tips from conversations with an early years teacher and experienced literacy consultant. Focus on Interests: Engage students by tapping into their interests and passions, encouraging...  Read more

Tips for Successful Independent Reading Sessions

Tips for Successful Independent Reading Sessions Enjoy these wonderful tips on gaining success in Independent Reading sessions adapted from the work of accomplished educator, Diane Snowball. Regular sustained Independent Reading sessions, ideally 15-30...  Read more

New 'Imaginative Texts' Writing Units

Try our new Writing Units, Yr F-6, (PDFs) for teachers. EMPLOY THE 'READING LIKE A WRITER' PROCESS ...where students see how authors craft their stories. Then students have a few short attempts at...  Read more

Empower Your Teaching with Personal Word Walls!

Looking for a fun and effective way to boost your students' vocabulary? Say hello to Personal Word Walls! These nifty tools are like personalised dictionaries designed to bring high-frequency words right into your...  Read more

Unlocking the Power of High Frequency Words: A Guide for Teachers

Unlocking the Power of High Frequency Words: A Guide for Teachers In the world of literacy, one of the foundational skills for young learners is mastering high frequency words. These are the words...  Read more

Why Writing about Reading Matters: A Teacher's Guide

Why Writing about Reading Matters: A Teacher's Guide When kids write about what they read, they're showing what they think. It's a chance for them to share their ideas. By looking at what...  Read more

Getting Started with the Writing Workshop - Mini Lessons for Year 3 to 6

Introducing "Getting Started with the Writing Workshop - Mini Lessons for Year 3 to 6" YOUR GO-TO GUIDE FOR AN AMAZING WRITING JOURNEY What's Inside: Perfect tips for kicking off your Writing Workshop...  Read more

The Top 7 Tips to Launch a Great School Year

Here are our top 7 literacy teaching tips to start the year in the best way possible! Start small and enjoy! Do a Motivation to Read survey with your class - know everything...  Read more

Welcome back and best wishes for 2024!

Hi everyone, Welcome back to a brand new school year filled with endless possibilities and exciting new adventures! We hope your well-deserved break was restful and rejuvenating. Cue is here to support you...  Read more

My Reading Calendars for 2024, Yrs 2-6

Reading Calendars are a simple yet highly effective tool for students to track and showcase their life as a reader over the course of a year. They promote independence and responsibility, supporting all...  Read more

Podcast Ep 103: Part 1: Shared Reading: An Essential Instructional Strategy

LATEST PODCAST Ep 103: Part 1 of this podcast on Shared Reading features special guest, Diane Snowball, a highly experienced educator in Australia, with classroom teaching expertise and for many years providing professional...  Read more

Podcast Ep 104: Part 2: Shared Reading: An Essential Instructional Strategy

LATEST PODCAST Ep 104: In this podcast, Diane Snowball discusses how Shared Reading fits into the broader reading experiences of children, and it's deep pedagogical base. She emphasises the gradual release of responsibility...  Read more

Podcast Ep 102: Part 2: Teaching Early Writers: from Program to Professional Plan

LATEST PODCAST, Ep 102, Part 2: In this second part of the podcast, Sharon and team delve into various strategies for nurturing writing skills in Foundation year students. One key concept introduced is...  Read more

Podcast Ep 101: Part 1: Teaching Early Writers: from Program to Professional Plan

LATEST PODCAST, Ep 101, Part 1: In this podcast, expert literacy consultant, Sharon Callen and team welcome special guest Grace Cullen, a Foundation/ Reception teacher at Littlehampton Primary School. They discuss the challenges...  Read more

Podcast Ep 100, Part 2: Engaging Readers AND Writers through Book Club

LATEST PODCAST, Ep 100: In part 2 of our podcast, Dr. Jan Turbill continues the discussion on engaging approaches to the teaching of writing through book clubs. She emphasises the importance of teaching...  Read more