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Frequently Asked Questions

We thank you for being an early adopter of the resources and support on our website. We are here to support you and would appreciate any feedback on what is working and what isn't. Please contact our Admin team any time at

Getting to Know the Teachific Site - Finding Resources


Finding resources

I am unable to find the resources I need. What do I do?

  • On the home page, click on Resources at the top
  • Search by Category, or Year Level or both then click 'Go'. Then select a sub category from the horizontal menu. Scroll through the resources. Click on 'Show More' to see more resources
  • Click on a resource, read the description and click on the image to see the first 3 pages of the resource
  • Try filtering by Resource Type on the left hand side
  • Try typing in a key word in the 'Filter by Name' box on the left hand side
  • Alternatively, on the Resources page, click on Options: 'Show Video Content' on the left hand side. Play a video that interests you. You will see the resource it is attached to on the same page.
  • Contact Sharon for more help!


I am unable to join Teachific and download files online. What can I do?

If you are having trouble joining online from a work computer you could be experiencing a problem due to firewalls. Some school computers block Internet transactions to protect their networks. If you have this problem, you may need to join and download files from a non-school computer.

I have membership with Teachific but did not download a resource. Do I need to download it?

Your chosen resource stays on your Dashboard as long as you are a member. Your membership is renewed every 12 months, or on a rolling monthly basis, so you have access to the resource anytime from any device during your membership without having to download it and search for it on your computer/device. Accessed from your Dashboard, or once downloaded on your computer, a resource is yours to use, subject to copyright regulations of course.

I have downloaded the file but am having trouble opening it. What can I do?

1. Most files are in PDF format and should be opened with a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. Make sure that you are trying to open the file with a PDF reader and not as a Word document.
2. Verify that you have a current version of your PDF reader. You can verify that you have a current version of Adobe Reader by opening Adobe from your desktop or start menu, clicking on help, and then About Acrobat Reader. If you have a version of Adobe Reader less then 10.0, we recommend you download a FREE update to your reader from Adobe's website. If you have downloaded a current version of Adobe Reader and continue to experience technical difficulties, please email us so that we can work with you to resolve any issues. We will need the email address that you used to join and then download the item, the name of the item, product code (every file name has the product code at the beginning of it), and a brief explanation of your problem.
3. The chosen resource is always on your Dashboard whilst you remain a member (accessible from any device), so you can access it anytime form there.

I have downloaded a resource, but I'm having trouble locating it on my computer.

Firstly, the resource should always be on your Dashboard, so go there and download it again. Secondly, do a search on your computer for the file. If you cannot find the file, email us with the name of the file, product code and your membership details. Often, the default download folder on your computer is simply called "Downloads."

What if I lose my PDF file?

If you are a member, the PDF file will always be on your Dashboard. If you are no longer a member, please remember to back up your PDF file (on another computer, on a backup hard drive, or a web-hosted 'cloud storage' site). Please note that we are unable to reissue PDF files once you are no longer a member.

How do I get help if I have trouble downloading a PDF file?

If your question has not been answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section, please email us via our Contact Us page. We will respond to your questions within 48 hours.


When I try to pay for membership online I get a message saying "Declined - 10554-This transaction cannot be processed."

The address you are inserting in your order does not match the address on your credit card billing statement. The Address Verification System (AVS) is a security system set up by banks. If your address and name do not completely match, your transaction will be declined.

I have a monthly subscription - when will I be billed?

Recurring payments take place at one month intervals, initiated on and continuing from the date of initial payment.

I have a monthly subscription - how do I cancel it?

You also contact us directly, and we can issue the cancellation for you from our system. Alternatively, you may cancel the subscription from via PayPal as follows:

Buyers or senders of funds may cancel a Recurring Payment at any time up to 3 business days prior to the date the payment is scheduled to take place. If a PayPal payment is funded by your bank account, then you may cancel this payment following notice of the payment to be made by contacting PayPal customer support via email or telephone.

a. PayPal account
You can cancel a Recurring Payment or a Future Payment established with a PayPal account by logging into your account and accessing the settings page. If you cancel a Recurring Payment you may still be liable to the merchant for the payment and be required to pay the merchant through alternative means.

b. Guest checkout
To cancel a Recurring Payment established directly with your nominated credit or debit card (i.e. without a PayPal account), you can cancel it by contacting the merchant or PayPal. PayPal can be contacted by:


1800 073 263 (within Australia) or +61 2 8223 9500 
6am - 10pm AEST/AEDT Monday to Friday 
8am - 7pm Saturday and Sunday

Not open on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day.


PayPal Australia 
GPO Box 351 
Sydney NSW 2001



I downloaded the file but when I open it the print is blurry. What can I do?

Make sure that you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader or another PDF reader installed on your computer. Then, open the file with Adobe Reader. On a Mac, make sure you open the file with Adobe Reader and not in Mac Preview. Also ensure you are not zoomed in very closely.

I cannot save or print the file on my Mac. What can I do?

You have the file open in Preview mode instead of Adobe Reader. Open the file in Adobe Reader and you will be able to save and print it. Right click the file and use "Open with" to select your application.

I am in the US and need to print out on US letter size. How do I do this?

For Mac Computers: Whlist in Adobe Reader, open the PDF document. Go to 'File' in the top menu bar then 'Print'. Go to 'Page Set Up' in the Print dialogue box. Go to 'Paper Size' and choose 'US Letter'. Click 'OK'. Back in the Print dialogue box click 'Fit'. Then print the document.

I printed the PDF file, and our printer at school was low on toner so the middle of each page has a huge white streak in the middle of it. Can I download it again?

You do not need to download the file again as you should have saved the file the first time you downloaded it. Email the file to yourself and print it at home or wherever you have access to a printer with ink and your email. Once you have downloaded and saved the PDF file you can print it as many times as needed. In addition, the chosen resource is always on your Dashboard whilst you remain a member of Teachific (accessible from any device), so you can access it anytime from there.

I printed a resource at school and it printed perfectly. I just tried to print a few of the same pages on my home printer and they are slightly misaligned. How can I fix this?

1. Verify that you have a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or your PDF reader. To determine if you have the current version of Adobe Acrobat, open Adobe from your desktop or start menu, click on help, and then About Acrobat Reader. If you have a version of Adobe Reader less than 10.0, we recommend you download a FREE update to your reader from the Adobe Reader download page on Adobe's website.
2. Make sure that you are inserting the paper the right way. Rotating them 180 degrees will cause misalignment.
4. Under Page Handling make sure Page Scaling is set to None and Auto-Rotate and Centre is not selected.
5. Click OK.
N.B Some users have reported that setting Page Scaling to None and selecting Auto-Rotate and Centre worked for their printer so you may want to try both settings to see which works best for your printer.


What if I notice an error in one of the resources?

Please go to 'Report a problem with this resource' on the resource page. We will correct it within a week.

How do I write a review of one of the resources?

Please go to 'Review this resource' on the resource page. We are grateful for any feedback.

How long will it take the Teachific team to respond to an email query?

We will respond to your questions within 48 hours.

School subscription

How do I set up a 'School' subscription for my school ($960 a year, for all my staff)

You will need someone in school admin to become the school manager of the Teachific site and follow the steps below. Through the Teachific website, they need to make a bank transfer, or Stripe/credit card payment, and then send an invite to each of the teachers to join.

These are the steps to go through to subscribe as a school to Teachific teaching resources:

  1. Nominate a person at your school who is going to manage memberships/payment each year on the site (e.g. finance officer, school leader or lead teacher)
  2. This school manager needs to go to the registration page of the site:
  3. Then they select ’School’ and ’Select’
  4. This brings them to the section below to start filling out details - but before filling in the school name etc, in the box above this click on ‘Schools’ and change it to ’School.’
  5. Then they fill out the school name etc, their personal details, make up a password etc
  6. Type in a promo code if you have one.
  7. Then they click ‘Register’ and this will take them to a Payment screen where they can choose bank transfer or Stripe/credit card. Stripe/credit card will give immediate access. Bank transfer will require us to approve access once the bank transfer has occurred.
  8. The school manager can then invite/add as many interested teachers (their email addresses) as they like. They can also delete them at any time.
  9. Staff will then receive an invite from the Teachific site, which they need to accept in order to have access to the resources.
  10. Teachers create their own individual password in the process (Their username is their email address)
  11. The school manager is in charge of adding new staff members at any time, or deleting those who have left the school.
  12. The school manager will handle the school payment ($960) each year.
  13. Courses are discounted for Teachific members.


Please contact our office at: if any of the above explanations do not resolve your issue.