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Learning High Frequency Words (Notice, Say, Spell, Cover, Write, Check), K-6


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Years: 3-4, 5-6, K-2

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Product Code: TEAC2118

Resource Type: Classroom Resources

About this teaching resource

This resource, 'Learning High Frequency Words', is an excellent classroom display tool for students to easily know their word learning routine.

  • Enlarge it to A3 and display

Explanations include:

  • NOTICE the part/s of the word that you need to especially remember, like taking a 'photo' of the word so that the look of the word can be recalled
  • SAY the word
  • SPELL the word, naming the letters
  • COVER the word
  • WRITE the word, saying each letter as you write it
  • CHECK the spelling, letter by letter
  • REPEAT the steps


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