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Coaching Models for Shifts in Teaching, Ch 1-24

Running time: 9 hrs, 12 min

Type: Leaders

Years: K-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8

Presenter: Sharon

Course code: C030

Sharon Callen presents this extensive 24 chapter course 'Coaching Models for Shifts in Teaching' (9 hrs and 12 mins) for school coaches and leaders. It was produced in collaboration with Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools.

Through introducing many 'coach bites' (Chapters) she brings participants specific resources, tools, strategies, tips and techniques, enabling them to explore, learn how to use, and reflect on this knowledge. She asks throughout, 'how do we grow and learn as coaches, to make real shifts in a teacher's development?'

The course has been designed for coaches to think about the types of models that can be used in coaching, but also the people that we're working with - enabling and encouraging and mentoring them in their role. It's an insider's guide to working as a coach, a critically important role, bringing energy, knowledge and expertise to the role, and therefore enabling real job embedded professional learning and growth.

The chapters comprise of a series of videos, Power points and PDF resources produced by Sharon plus interviews with a current literacy leader she works with in a school in South Australia.

The 24 chapters are grouped within 7 themes:

  1. Welcome, Introduction and Overview of Tools and Processes, Ch 1-6 
  2. Classroom Demonstrations, Ch 7-9
  3. Personalised Learning, Ch 10-12
  4. Professional Learning Teams, Ch 13-15
  5. Observations, Ch 16-18
  6. Side by Side Coaching, Ch 19-21
  7. Staff Meetings, Ch 22-24

Sharon Callen is an accomplished literacy consultant with over 30 years of experience in Australia and the USA. She has authored numerous literacy journal articles, teacher resources, and children's books. Sharon runs Teachific, a website offering practical tools and courses for teachers, and hosts "The Teacher's Tool Kit For Literacy" podcast. She founded Cue Learning, an Australian consultancy specialising in literacy and numeracy, and has held various educational roles, including classroom teaching, coaching, tutoring, and lecturing.


  • 24 chapters
  • 32 printable resources

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