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Reading Like a Writer - Beginnings, Yrs 2-6

Running time: 2 hrs, 44 min

Type: Extended Learning

Years: K-2, 3-4, 5-6

Presenter: Sharon

Course code: C016

Reading Like A Writer: Beginnings, Yrs 2-6

Sharon Callen

Empower your young writers with the skills they need to excel. Join literacy expert Sharon Callen in this comprehensive video course: Reading Like a Writer: Beginnings, designed for years 2-6 teachers and literacy leaders.

Explore the Reading Like a Writer process, leverage quality children's literature as models, and unlock the secrets of effective differentiation. Gain practical insights on implementing the curriculum, utilizing Quick Writes, and fostering creativity. Accessible, engaging, and aligned with AITSL standards.

Enhance your teaching prowess and transform your students into powerful writers. Enroll now at Teachific for a 30-day access certificate and open a world of endless possibilities.
The course is ideally suited to Years 2-6 students.


The video course address the struggles we have by:

Chapters 1 and 2

  • Introducing you to the Reading Like a Writer process, a process which enables writers to be active in noticing, exploring and understanding how good writers write
  • Showing effective ways of accessing and using quality children's literature as outstanding models for students' writing
  • Going through the process as if you were a student in my class, so that you can actually experience what it is, and thereby consider how you can implement and adjust it

Chapters 3 and 4

  • Taking you through the practicalities: how to get started with Writer's Craft: Beginnings
  • How to fit it all in, how to keep track of learning
  • Showing how to use Quick Writes in new powerful ways
  • How to cover the curriculum in easy to understand ways
  • Showing how the Reading Like a Writer framework supports writers across all aspects of writing for all text types, across ages

Chapter 5

  • Question and answer session with teachers and leaders in Chapter 5

See the Reading Like a Writer resources on Teachific 

Sharon Callen

Sharon Callen is a seasoned literacy consultant with over 30 years of experience in Australia and the USA. She has authored numerous literacy journal articles, teacher resources, and children's books. Sharon runs Teachific, a website offering practical tools and courses for teachers, and hosts "The Teacher's Tool Kit For Literacy" podcast. She founded Cue Learning, an Australian consultancy specialising in literacy and numeracy, and has held various educational roles, including classroom teaching, coaching, tutoring, and lecturing.


  • 5 chapters
  • 2 printable resources

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