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Finger Play Rhymes

Running time: 23 min

Type: Mini Course

Years: K-2

Presenter: Sharon

Course code: C028

In this course, Sharon Callen, accomplished teacher and consultant, takes you through our Finger Play Rhyme resource.

Finger play action rhymes are interactive songs and poems where children use hand gestures and movements to accompany the words. These activities enhance reading development in 4 to 6-year-olds by promoting fluency through rhythm and repetition. Engaging in finger play encourages children to focus on words and their meanings while improving fine motor skills. The combination of movement and language strengthens comprehension, vocabulary, and overall literacy skills in young learners.


Explore our collection of Finger Play Rhymes here, created  specifically for Foundation - Year 1. There are 47 rhymes in total, each as a separate pack.

Each rhyme pack contains:

  • A rhyme PDF for immediate download - class and student versions
  • Instructions for finger play

Each rhyme PDF is designed to be glued into an A3 sized blank book.

A book cover, Our Class Book of Finger Play Rhymes, can be found at this link. A contents page is also included, so that as you create your own Finger Play Rhyme book, you can add each rhyme title to the list of contents.

A smaller version of the rhyme is also included. So many teachers keep requesting that we include smaller versions too. When students can have their own copies of rhymes that have been read together as a class, they are given valuable access to familiar text which they can read with a partner or by themselves with increasing confidence and enjoyment.


  • 1 chapter
  • 1 printable resource

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