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High Frequency Words: Learning to write a new word


Standard Resource

Years: K to 2

5 Pages

Product Code: TEAC978

Resource Type: Activities, Mini Lessons, Tools

About this teaching resource

Learning to write high frequency words helps to build strong writers and readers. Introduce your students to a word learning routine such as: Look, Say, Name, Cover, Write, Check, Use.

This routine is a wonderful writing warm up! Have your students sit on the floor as a whole group. Introduce a word that you have noticed is presenting challenges for many of your students in their writing, or a word that they will be using frequently in the days writing activity.

Demonstrate the process before having students practice on their white boards.

  • Look at the word. (Have the word clearly visible to all students - such as a word card.)
  • Say the word.
  • Name each letter by name to build alphabet knowledge. Then say the sound of each letter/letters to build phonological knowledge.
  • Cover the word.
  • Write the word. Name each letter as you write.
  • Check the word by checking each letter. Put a tick above each letter that is correct.
  • Use the word orally in a sentence. Extend: write a sentence.

Included: A3 Class 'Learning a Word' Chart, A4 version for small groups/centres & small versions especially for students to keep in writing folders, on or desks.



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