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A Nifty Planner for Your Literacy Block

Yay! It's here! Our Gradual Release Planner has arrived. We’ve put together a planner with everything you need to run a successful Literacy Block with your students. See Candace (below) explain how it works in her Year 4,5,6 class at Kaurna Plains School in Adelaide.

The ready to print Gradual Release Planner gives you:

  • A regular routine for your Literacy Block
  • Ways to connect Reading, Writing and Word Study
  • Links to literature using a daily Read Aloud
  • Rewarding work for your students that has a real purpose
  • A blank and filled in copy for your use

How does the Gradual Release Planner work?

  • It's simple: 
  • Choose a Read Aloud that suits your year level
  • Have all students choose a 'just right' book for Independent Reading
  • Use our planner to guide you through the next steps 

It’s so easy to get started:

  • Print the Gradual Release Planners (blank and filled in)
  • Plan out the various sections on the blank planner using the filled in planner as a guide and you’re ready to go!
  • You’ll quickly see the difference the Gradual Release Planner makes to your Literacy Block.


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