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How to Create a Classroom Library

Yay! At last it's here and completely FREE!
The definitive checklist for developing a stunning classroom library.

  • Are you looking to improve your students' reading achievement?
  • Do you wonder whether you are being effective for all students?
  • Classroom Libraries are a great way to start achieving this easily!

Beginning steps . . . 

  • Create a dedicated and inviting space
  • Organise for books to be displayed in inviting ways: with covers facing out, sorted into categories/themes/genres in labelled baskets, on book shelves
  • Secure a budget to buy books for your classroom library
  • Have your students choose books from the school library to add to the classroom library
  • Involve your students in curating, organising, sorting, maintaining, growing and managing their Library
  • Keep a wish list of books students would like in their library to ensure they see themselves represented in this place
  • Organise for each student to have a personal Book Box/Bag/Wallet to store books borrowed from the classroom library so that they can continue to read the books daily during Independent Reading and Home reading.

More support . . . 

  • See the South Australian Department for Education 'Building Foundations' guidebook, page 9 on the importance of establishing Classroom Libraries
  • See the Classroom Library checklist free on Teachific (by Diane Snowball and Faye Bolton)
  • See the video of Giselle and her Year 6/7 students celebrating the growth of their Classroom Library
  • Next time - 'How to Use a Classroom Library Effectively'


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