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New Mini-Lesson Flip Charts for Teaching Reading Routines

Establish your Reading Workshop (Years K-7) with strong routines and expectations to build foundations for reader engagement and growth.

Each mini lesson flip chart pack contains:

  • 14 Reading Workshop routines and expectations mini lessons
  • A practical, step by step outline that will help you teach an effective daily Reading Workshop

Each mini lesson uses the Reading Workshop structure:

  • Modelling the routine or expectation
  • Guided practice
  • Independent practice
  • Reflection


How do these mini lesson flip charts work?

Just enlarge your mini lesson flip chart to A3 size:

  • Use a mini lesson each day (or over 2-3 days) to teach an important strategy/skill/routine like 'Good readers track their thinking as they read.'
  • Model or demonstrate this strategy/skill/routine in Shared Reading with a big book, or during Read Aloud.
  • Determine which students require further small group practice with you before they join the whole group.
  • Allow all students to practise the strategy/skill/routine with their own 'just right' book during Independent Reading.
  • Allow time for sharing or reflection

You’ll quickly see the difference these mini lesson flip charts make to your teaching and your readers' learning.


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