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Help your kids thrive on Maths at home!

Dear Principal, AP, Numeracy Coordinator, Lead Teacher (Numeracy),

My name is Rob Vingerhoets and I’ve been a Maths Consultant for over 15 years and have worked in many of your schools. To assist schools with ‘learning from home’ I’ve developed a range of mathematically engaging and worthwhile activities that students can do at home. They have been expressly written for teachers to share with parents at this time of remote learning.

Main Points to note about Maths-At-Home:

  • There’s an ebook for each level:
    • Maths-At-Home Foundation (20 activities, 63 pages)
    • Maths-At-Home Years 1&2 (30 activities, 86 pages)
    • Maths-At-Home Years 3&4 (30 activities, 86 pages
    • Maths-At-Home Years 5 & 6 (30 activities, 106 pages)


  • Each ebook contains lessons for Number, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics and Probability covering much of the Australian (ands state) Curriculum, Mathematics.
  • The activities clearly state the level of parental support required, ranging from independent to minimal to high parent support.
  • All activities explicitly outline the role of the parent in the activity and what the student will be doing and learning.
  • Many of the activities are open-ended therefore catering for a range of ability levels within each year level.

Essentially, Maths-At-Home ebooks will ensure your teachers have the materials they need to provide their students with something more than worksheets or more time on a device.

The activities in the Maths-At-Home ebook will get the students and their parents actively engaged in learning about maths in a stimulating and enjoyable way.

As a bonus, many of these activities are highly suited to classroom use so will be a worthwhile addition to your maths resources as well as addressing current needs.

So how much do they cost?

Foundation - $50 per pack per teacher at your school

Years 1 to 6 - $75 per pack per teacher at your school

I’m also offering to unpack the Maths-At-Home ebooks with groups of teachers via Webex or Zoom if required. This would mean making a per hour booking.

If you’re interested in a Zoom meeting or or you’d like to see the sample lessons please contact me:


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