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Reading Comprehension Prompts: Flip Chart Yrs 3-4 and Yrs 5-6

Reading Comprehension Prompts: Finding Specific Information in Texts, Yrs 3-4 and Yrs 5-6

  • This flip chart resource has a focus on 'Good Readers Find Specific Information in Texts.'
  • It can be enlarged to A3 and made into a handy chart for easy reference and display to students.


  • To support Good Reader thinking, discussion, writing
  • To prompt students continuously in a way that will help them understand the kind of thinking, talking and writing that helps them to comprehend texts
  • Use words, phrases and expressions from the text

Model and Practice during:

  • Read Aloud/Shared Reading
  • Practice during: Independent Reading
  • Turn and Tell/Turn and Talk
  • Whole class discussion
  • Small group discussion
  • Intervention

Sample Prompts

  • Give an example ...
  • Give 2+ examples ...
  • Using examples from the text, explain ...
  • Describe and explain ...
  • In the text, what is meant by ...?

This resource is featured on our Teacher's Toolkit for Literacy podcast, episode 23.


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