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The Motivation to Read Profile - Survey for Students

Designing effective and engaging instruction means considering the motivational needs of students. The Motivation to Read Profile: Survey for Students is a tool that supports teachers in creating motivating classroom contexts for literacy.

Students who are engaged have their eyes on what they are doing, are ardently attending to the teacher's read-aloud, or are in reflective reponse as they read independently. They are on task, cognitively and strategically engaged, and perhaps affectively responding to the material as well, enthusiastically sharing what they've read with their peers. The research literature provides strong support for the tie between reading motivation and reading achievement.

In brief, this survey will help you directly in the following ways in your classroom/school.

  • The data collected forms a powerful guide for your teaching - in Mini Lessons and Conferring
  • It will strengthen your teaching capability and ability to report to others
  • It will lead to greatly improved outcomes for students
  • It can be adapted for any year level and any classroom
  • Data can be collected across a school to inform whole school plans

Contact us if you would like support in collating the data and developing school plans

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