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Top Tips for Teaching Letter Names

LATEST PODCAST, Ep 73: Teaching letter names is a big challenge for teachers. We have children coming to us at different levels of letter name knowledge, and then we have children learning at different stages and rates of growth, as well children whose first language is not English. So we wonder how we manage this, within the ebb and flow of every day at school.

So this podcast episode gets to the nitty gritty, bringing the top tips for teaching letter names.

Literacy expert Sharon Callen talks about:

  • How to evaluate a child's understanding and needs - including concept of letters, knowledge of letter names when writing and reading - SPELD or other assessments
  • Tips for teaching letter names
  • Top routine activities to teach letter names
  • Helping children whose first language is not English
  • Letter explorations
  • Connecting tools and resources (with many on Teachific)

And much more!


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