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How Students Can Inform Our Teaching

LATEST PODCAST:  We need to learn how to use 'real time data' to inform our teaching. And so often that comes from our students.

So what can we find out from our students, and what is most important? What do we need to cover in the curriculum, and what are some effective resources we can use?

Here's just a few tips:

  • Set dedicated time for students to engage in reading and writing every day
  • Teachers should read aloud at least once a day
  • Create multiple opportunities for students to share and discuss meanings they created from these reading and writing opportunities
  • Use real books for reading
  • Allow for student choice about what they read or write
  • Teachers should rove around the room, interacting with small groups or individuals
  • Have low frequency of sustained periods of whole class, teacher-centred instruction
  • Allow for sharing of interpretations of own and other’s texts

Tune in to hear many more insights.

This episode was recorded as part of a Literacy Leader Masterclass, which was a series of Zoom sessions over the year with a band of excited educators.  We were able to share our successes and challenges in the classroom, getting feedback on what we are doing. And there was always a new topic to learn about each time. Sessions were recorded, so participants never missed a thing. Stay tuned for future masterclasses or get in touch.


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