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Podcast Ep 93, Part 1: Good Writers Revise and Edit Their Writing

LATEST PODCAST Ep 93, In this podcast, join Sharon Callen and her dynamic team in 'Part 1: Good Writers Revise and Edit Their Writing' for a captivating exploration of effective writing instruction. Delve into the art of topic selection, cognitive load relief for teachers, and the potency of routines. 

Experience the transformative impact of explicit teaching through modelling and the rich resource base of Teachific. Unearth the intricacies of drafting techniques, from year level tips to deliberate, ongoing revision for advanced writers. Discover what not to do when teaching revision, embrace fast writes, and explore strategies for successful drafting. With insights into connecting webinars, the episode offers a comprehensive understanding of enhancing student writing. Dive into this engaging episode, where practical advice meets lived experience

In essence, Part 1 of "Mastering Writing Craft: Strategies, Insights, and Implementation" provides a comprehensive guide for educators seeking to enhance their students' writing prowess. It's an exploration of innovative strategies, practical tips, and real-world anecdotes that enrich the teaching experience. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we delve even deeper into the art of revising and editing. Until then, happy teaching and writing!

Listen in here: 

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