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Choosing and Using Problem Solving Strategies in Maths, Yrs F-6

Running time: 40 min

Type: Ready to Go Lesson

Years: 3-4

Presenter: Rob

Course code: C003

Choosing and Using Problem Solving Strategies in Maths, F-6

Argy Bargy Bus Drivers - Open Ended Activity

In this ready to go lesson, Rob Vingerhoets presents an engaging open ended numeracy lesson (40 minutes) showing how to differentiate for all learners in the class, through students choosing and using from a range of problem-solving strategies. He shows how to engage them in the problem-solving strategies with the open ended activity 'Argy Bargy Bus Drivers.'

Rob demonstrates each aspect of the lesson from Mini-Lesson, to Independent Activity (showing how to confer with/question students to progress their work) and a unique way of Sharing & Reflecting. He uses tools such as 'Key Words' to develop students' vocabulary and support them in their reflection. Workshop participants ask questions that will support others in their teaching. The lesson is ideally suited to Year 3,4 students.


Two bus drivers argue about the fairness of their school routes & how much they get paid. They work on commission & only get paid for the number of students they pick up. One driver was very unhappy because he had a small number of students to pick up. How can we make it fair? If there are 60 kids how many buses could we have? There needs to be an equal number of kids on each bus.

Rob Vingerhoets

Rob Vingerhoets is an experienced educator and subject matter expert. He has worked extensively with teachers and students in Melbourne, Country Victoria, and internationally in New York City and Beijing. Previously, he served as a primary school principal, curriculum coordinator, and classroom teacher. Rob is known for his bestselling math resource books, articles, and engaging presentations on hands-on math practices. He promotes the belief that "maths doesn't have to hurt" and collaborates with students, teachers, administrators, and parents in various schools.



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