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Analysing a Student’s Writing to Improve Their Spelling, Yrs F-2

Running time: 1 hrs, 16 min

Type: Extended Learning

Years: K-2

Presenter: Diane

Course code: C004

Diane Snowball

Diane Snowball presents this 76 min course (in 5 chapters) for motivated F-2 teachers and literacy leaders who want to have sufficient knowledge to be able to analyse a student's writing and use this information to provide much more effective spelling teaching.

  1. Introduction (24 mins)
  2. Foundation Writing Sample (27 mins)
  3. Year 1 Writing Sample (11 mins)
  4. Year 2 Writing Sample (13 mins)
  5. Final Point (1 min)

Go to this 'Analysing a Student's Writing' resource on Teachific:  

Diane Snowball

Diane Snowball is a highly respected educator who has greatly influenced literacy teaching in Australia and the USA. She has authored several valuable resources and children's books, including "Spelling K-8: Planning and Teaching" and "Teaching Comprehension K-9." Diane co-founded AUSSIE, an organisation of literacy and mathematics consultants, and has extensive experience as a literacy consultant, teacher, principal, lecturer, and scholar in various educational institutions.


  • 5 chapters
  • 12 printable resources

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