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Analysing a Student’s Writing to Improve Their Spelling, Yrs F-2

Running time: 1 hrs, 42 min

Type: Extended Learning

Years: K-2

Presenter: Diane

Course code: C004

Diane Snowball

In this introductory chapter, Diane Snowball presents this 102 min course (in 5 chapters) for motivated F-2 teachers and literacy leaders who want to have sufficient knowledge to be able to analyse a student's writing and use this information to provide much more effective spelling teaching.

  • The course will show you in practical ways how to find out about each student's spelling knowledge and misunderstandings so that you can help them all to improve their spelling.
  • Using the deeper knowledge about each student, gained from analysing their writing, teachers can then teach the spelling strategies that are relevant for individuals, groups and an entire class.
  • Diane has worked with many students from a large number of classes, at all levels, to help them with spelling. So she will use actual writing samples to show the successful work she has been able to do and then help you to analyse your own students' writing samples.
  • This work will enable you to develop the best school spelling plan, with the most effective spelling work being done across the school and the most appropriate spelling teaching occurring in each class.

The 5 chapters include:

  • Introduction (24 mins)
  • Foundation Writing Sample (27 mins)
  • Year 1 Writing Sample (11 mins)
  • Year 2 Writing Sample (13 mins)
  • Final Point (27 mins)

Go to this 'Analysing a Student's Writing' resource on Teachific:  

Diane Snowball

Diane Snowball is a highly respected educator who has greatly influenced literacy teaching in Australia and the USA. She has authored several valuable resources and children's books, including "Spelling K-8: Planning and Teaching" and "Teaching Comprehension K-9." Diane co-founded AUSSIE, an organisation of literacy and mathematics consultants, and has extensive experience as a literacy consultant, teacher, principal, lecturer, and scholar in various educational institutions.


  • 5 chapters
  • 12 printable resources

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