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Conferring Tools: Conferring Prompts K-2


Standard Resource

Years: K to 2

1 Pages

Product Code: TEAC1325

Resource Type: Assessment, Tools

About this teaching resource

Conferring with students is a unique and significant opportunity to learn about what a student is doing as a reader/writer as we engage with them side by side in the reading/writing process.

Conferring tools are a way to capture that interaction in a brief record that reminds the teacher what was discussed, whilst leaving the learner with the confidence and knowledge to know what they are doing well and what they can do to continue to grow.

Here’s a handy Conferring Prompts K-2 Card: 

How To:

  • Glue onto card to make it sturdy.
  • Fold it so it can sit on the table.
  • Use it during reading conferences with young K-2 readers.
  • This tool provides guidance for the kinds of questions we can use to activate students use of effective reading strategies.


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