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Conferring Tools: Conferring Sheet - Reading Conference Record


Standard Resource

Years: K to 6

1 Pages

Product Code: TEAC1326

Resource Type: Assessment, Tools

About this teaching resource

This Conferring Sheet - Reading Conference Record provides a comprehensive record of how the student is progressing across all aspects of reading development with the text they are currently reading.

  • Date:
  • Text Title:
  • Just Right: Is this book allowing the reader to make meaning?
  • Decoding: What word solving strategies is the reader employing?
  • Fluency: Is the reader reading in a way that shows they are gaining meaning from the text? Expression, pacing, attention to punctuation, attention to dialogue, phrasing.
  • Summarising: Can the reader summarise what they have read or the story so far?
  • Making Predictions: Can the reader predict what might happen next? If the reader has read this book many times before, can they predict what the main character has learned?
  • Visualising: Can the reader talk about a picture that the author has left in their mind? Can they use this picture to help them better understand something that has happened in the story?
  • Opinion: Can the reader tell you what they liked about this story? Or a character? Or an event?
  • Metacognition: Can the reader talk about how they are going as a reader?
  • Reading Goal: Can the reader determine what they need to work on as a reader? Or can they practice a new reading goal with you? How will the reader remember their reading goal?

How To:

  • A single sheet per student means building a picture of what each student is doing as they are reading.
  • Ideal for your conferring folder or notebook.
  • Team with Reading Goal Labels


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