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Tally Charts: Word Solving Actions, Yr 2


Standard Resource

Years: 2

2 Pages

Product Code: TEAC1659

Resource Type: Assessment, Tools

About this teaching resource

What are the critical word-solving strategies your students need to develop this year?

These Word-Solving Actions Tally Charts, Year Level specific, help to remind you and your students what good word solvers do as they read and write.

Teach your students how readers and writers use these strategies through focus mini lessons.

Why use a Tally Chart?

Tally Charts can help to:

  • determine what students need to do to be successful
  • make the learning and actions to take quite visible to students
  • match mini-lessons to each element listed on the Tally Chart
  • remind students of the actions to take
  • show evidence of taking the listed action
  • see how successful students are at applying the actions

How to use:

. Enlarge to A3 for use when modelling

. Enlarge to A3 for classroom display, so that the Learning focus stays visible

. Use A4 or A5 versions for students to use as self-assessment/self-check lists

. Use different colours to tally on different days





Australian curriculum alignment

Year 2  

ACELA1474: Recognise most sound–letter matches including silent letters, vowel/consonant digraphs and many less common sound–letter combinations.

ACELY1669Read less predictable texts with phrasing and fluency by combining contextual, semantic, grammatical and phonic knowledge using text processing strategies, for example monitoring meaning, predicting, rereading and self-correcting.


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