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Personal Word Wall Toolkit 3-7


Premium Resource

Years: 3 to 7

16 Pages

Product Code: TEAC1739

Resource Type: Tools

About this teaching resource

Are you looking to improve your students' phonics/ spelling achievement?

Personal Word Walls bring high frequency and high use words into students' hands. In the same way that a Word Wall organises words alphabetically, the Personal Word Wall alphabetically organises the high frequency and high use words personally relevant to each student. 

Create Personal Word Walls using manilla folders, word wall alphabet templates, cover, and add ons. To learn more, check out Year 4,5,6 teacher Candace on our video.

This Personal Word Wall Toolkit (Yrs 3-7) includes:

  • Professional reading by Diane Snowball
  • Personal Word Wall templates
  • Personal Vocabulary Wall templates
  • Personal Word Wall and Vocabulary Wall folder cover designs

Develop interesting word learning routines with this toolkit:

Teach the following routine to help students learn each word:

  • LOOK at the word carefully so that you can picture it when your eyes are closed
  • SAY the word
  • SPELL the word, almost chanting the letter names
  • COVER the word and picture it in your mind
  • WRITE the word
  • CHECK the spelling, letter by letter 

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