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Rimes A3 Flip Chart


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Years: K-2

39 Pages

Product Code: TEAC1915

Resource Type: Classroom Resources

About this teaching resource

This Mini Lesson resource Rimes A3 Flip Chart will help your students use knowledge of onsets and rimes to correctly spell and read words.


The most useful aspects of knowing about onsets and rimes is that by starting with one word children can work out how to read and spell other words.

The more print words children are familiar with, the better able they are to use analogy - for example, not only will they work out how to read or spell man because they know can, but they will also figure out how to read and spell smack because they know the words smile and back.

Children need to be involved in a lot of shared reading and writing so as to become familiar with many words. Although they are all capable of using analogy to figure out new words, some will use it intuitively while others will need explicit demonstration and explanation of how it will help them as readers and writers.

The best opportunities for you to provide demonstrations occur during shared reading and shared or interactive writing with the whole class, in flexible focus groups, and when conferring with a child during independent reading and writing.

Includes 30+ Mini Lessons!


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