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Helping Children to Learn High Frequency Words - Information for Teachers


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Years: K to 6

36 Pages

Product Code: TEAC2029

Resource Type: Activities, Professional Readings, Word Work Curriculum

About this teaching resource

The main purpose for this document, Helping Children to Learn High Frequency Words, is to help teachers to know more about the best ways to teach children how to spell the words all writers use the most. Although the focus is on learning how to spell words, learning the correct spelling will also help children to read the words.

Although this is written mostly to help children learn high frequency words the information is useful for helping children learn any words at any year level.

There is also much more information about all aspects of teaching spelling in the book Spelling K-8: Planning and Teaching, by Faye Bolton and Diane Snowball, available from and in Focus on Spelling (films of teaching spelling in classrooms), by Diane Snowball, available from Stenhouse. All aspects of spelling are also dealt with in the document Teaching and Learning about Spelling, by Diane Snowball, available from

Also hear the podcast, The Importance of Teaching High Frequency Words with Diane Snowball here.


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