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Podcast Transcript Ep 66: How to Teach Comprehension


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Years: 3-4, 5-6, K-2

22 Pages

Product Code: TEAC2133

Resource Type: Professional Readings

About this teaching resource

In this transcript of podcast episode 66, literacy leaders Sharon Callen and Diane Snowball talk about the best ways to teach comprehension.

Many motivated school teachers and leaders are looking for better ways to teach comprehension. 

A big question that teachers often ask themselves is whether students are really getting deep understanding, or if it is just superficial knowledge?

To talk about this, Sharon Callen is again joined by Diane Snowball, a highly experienced educator who led significant change in education throughout whole school districts in the US as well as Australia.

The literacy leaders talk about recommended teaching methods as well as those to avoid, how to know if you're getting better at teaching comprehension and whether students are understanding it, key differences between younger and older readers, and much more! 

Access the podcast, Ep 66 here



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