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Shared Reading: Basics for Teachers, F-2 with Diane Snowball


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Years: K-2

10 Pages

Product Code: TEAC2299

Resource Type: Professional Readings

About this teaching resource

The purpose of this article Shared Reading Basics, is to describe how Shared Reading is supposed to be – its history, its purpose and how it should be conducted. You will each have a different amount of knowledge about Shared Reading because of your years of teaching and the different opportunities you have had to learn about this practice, so I have included even the most basic information to make sure you all have the same understandings. Diane Snowball


  1. What is Shared Reading?
  2. What else is essential for texts to be suitable for Shared Reading?
  3. Questions to ask when choosing books for Shared Reading
  4. What happens when a text is introduced for Shared Reading?
  5. Why is Shared Reading an important practice in the teaching of reading?
  6. So what does all of this mean for Shared Reading in the school setting with the teacher and a class of students?
  7. How does Shared Reading fit in with Read aloud, Independent Reading and small group work with children involved in a reading experience that helps them to get more support or allows them to practise an aspect of reading they have not mastered yet?
  8. More about Shared Reading
  9. What can be taught in Shared Reading?
  10. SHARED BOOK EXPERIENCES offer the opportunity for ASSOCIATED ACTIVITIES which encourage reading and foster language development.

In addition, this resource includes:

  • Shared Reading: Implementation Guide for Teachers


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