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Podcast Transcript Ep 103-104 Shared Reading: An Essential Instructional Strategy :


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Years: K-2

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About this teaching resource

In Part 1 of this podcast transcript, Episode 103: Shared Reading: An Essential Instructional Strategy Diane Snowball, an experienced educator, discusses the fundamental role of Shared Reading in teaching young children to read. Drawing from her vast experience in schools and more recently her work with Grade 1 teachers in Melbourne, Diane underscores the importance of Shared Reading as a powerful teaching strategy. The conversation covers key aspects, including the suitability of texts for Shared Reading, the benefits of rhyme and repetition, and the transition from being read to, and then independently reading. Diane highlights the role of Shared Reading in building comprehension skills and fostering a love for reading, emphasising that it's not just about enjoyment but a strategic tool for language development.

In Part 2 Episode 104: Shared Reading: An Essential Instructional Strategy delves deeper into the broader reading experiences of children, emphasising the gradual shift from reading aloud to independent reading. Diane stresses the importance of choosing appropriate books for Shared Reading to foster fluency, comprehension, and the development of reading strategies. The discussion extends to teaching comprehension strategies, recognizing high-frequency words, and engaging activities like Reader's Theatre and dramatisation. Diane advocates for using diverse text genres to help children understand patterns and structures, promoting choice in writing, and utilizing poetry as a text type.

Throughout both parts, the podcast emphasises the need for active engagement during Shared Reading, the significance of choosing quality materials, and the transformative impact of fostering a love for reading. Practical advice includes selecting suitable texts, encouraging repeated readings, and utilising Teachific as a resource for copyright-free poems. The conversation underscores the value of professional learning, urging teachers to refine their methods continually.

In summary, the podcast provides valuable insights into Shared Reading as a pedagogical approach, emphasising its role in language development, comprehension, and the cultivation of a lifelong love for reading. The practical advice and suggestions make it a valuable resource for educators seeking to enhance their teaching methods in early childhood education.



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