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Getting Started with the Writing Workshop, Yr 5


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Years: 5-6

5 Pages

Product Code: TEAC2313

Resource Type: Classroom Resources, Professional Readings

About this teaching resource

Introducing "Getting Started with the Writing Workshop - Mini Lessons for Year 3 to 6" - your go-to guide for an amazing writing journey.

What's Inside:

  • Perfect tips for kicking off your Writing Workshop in the crucial first weeks.
  • Create a buzzing Writer's Notebook: a personal space for ideas and drafts.
  • Engage in fun and varied writing activities, from sketching to collecting powerful language.
  • Learn the secrets of drafting, revising, and editing like a pro.
  • Collaborate with others, check spelling, and publish your fantastic work.

Why It's Awesome:

  • Tailored for teachers of grades 3 to 6.
  • Packed with sample lessons and practical tools.
  • Encourages creativity and effective writing habits.
  • It's a step-by-step journey from ideas to published masterpieces!

Ready to Dive In?

  • Explore the Writing Workshop magic!
  • Your students will thank you!

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