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Greek Root: phon


Standard Resource

Years: 6, 7

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Product Code: TEAC389

Resource Type: Activities, Tools

About this teaching resource

A focus on Greek and Latin derivatives offers a powerful tool for teachers to nurture students' vocabulary development. (Bear, Invernizzi, Templeton & Johnson 2000; Newton, Padak & Rasinski 2008)

Greek and Latin Root thinksheets are one way to support vocabulary development as students explore root meanings and the wonder and history of English words.

Greek and Latin Root thinksheets engage students in:
• collecting words that contain the focus root
• expanding their vocabulary
• searching for word meaning from the meaning of the root
• exploring the connections between words with the same root
• developing personalised ways to remember the root meaning for transfer and use in reading.

Find out more about possible teaching routines and mini lessons.

Fascinating facts:
90% of English words with more than one syllable are Latin based. Almost 10% are Greek based.
A single Latin root generates 5-20 English words.

Australian curriculum alignment

Year 6  

ACELA1526: Understand how to use knowledge of known words, word origins including some Latin and Greek roots, base words, prefixes, suffixes, letter patterns and spelling generalisations to spell new words including technical words.


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