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Science Vocabulary Cards: Yr 3 Earth and Space Sciences - Earth's Cycles


Standard Resource

Years: 3

3 Pages

Product Code: TEAC460

Resource Type: Activities, Tools

About this teaching resource

Get your students thinking, reading, writing and talking like scientists by exploring and working with the vocabulary of the topic.

Vocabulary Cards Yr 3 Science includes: Unit vocabulary cards, blank cards

Ways to incorporate rich and meaningful vocabulary learning experiences:

  • Create a unit display with vocabulary cards/Word Wall
  • Create opportunities for your students to use the words, and catch them using them
  • Create a science word consciousness
  • Have students create pockets with vocabulary cards: write, define, illustrate, use
  • Have students add vocabulary cards as you explore the topic
  • Enjoy talking about and using new vocabulary
  • Become word detectives
  • Demonstrate how to refer to and use topic vocabulary when you speak and write about the topic
  • Support and acknowledge student use of topic vocabulary when writing and speaking
  • Raise awareness by modelling during topic read alouds and viewed texts how to notice and use topic vocabulary to deepen understanding
  • Have students practice noticing and comprehending topic vocabulary when reading independently

Australian curriculum alignment

Year 3 

ACSSU048: Earth’s rotation on its axis causes regular changes, including night and day.



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