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Analysing Early Writing: Spelling, Yrs F-2


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Years: K-2

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Product Code: TEAC2125

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About this teaching resource

This resource, Analysing Early Writing: Spelling, Yrs F-2, will help you use your students' knowledge of the alphabet to analyse their early writing phase.

The phases are: 

Phase 0: Non-alphabetic writing. No alphabetic letters are present—only scribbling or letter-like forms

Phase 1: Pre-alphabetic writing. Letters are represented but they don’t match sounds. Eagle is written with random letters with no sound-to-letter correspondences. The alphabetic principle is not in evidence

Phase 2: Partial alphabetic writing. Eagle may be written as E with partial soundto-letter representation.

Phase 3: Full alphabetic writing. All sounds in eagle are represented usually with one letter for each sound as in EGL where L carries the vowel sound.

Phase 4: Consolidated/automatic alphabetic writing. Eagle is spelled as EGUL where the first syllable is spelled with E for /ē/ and the second syllable is spelled as a consolidated phonics chunk such as GUL for /gəl/.



  • Go to this 'Analysing a Student's Writing' resource on Teachific:
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  • Listen to the 'Early Writing' podcast Part 1, Part 2. Read the podcast transcript here.


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