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Fairy Tales: Big Book - Jack and the Beanstalk


Standard Resource

Years: K to 6

13 Pages

Product Code: TEAC950

Resource Type: Activities, Texts

About this teaching resource

Time for some shared reading of a fairy tale or a few. Bring these classic stories into your students' world, not via the screen but into their visualising minds!

What better way to share fairy tales with your students than through a class made big book!

Print and enlarge A4 to A3 copies of your choice of fairy tale; staple, bind, read, illustrate, reread

Illustrating the Story - Deep Comprehension Activity:

  • Have your students visualise the fairy tale as you read the first 2-3 pages aloud.
    Demonstrate illustrating, key word labelling and captioning a scene you have visualised.
  • Have your students turn and talk to describe the scene they visualised.
  • Offer small pieces of paper on which students can draw, label and caption the scene.
  • Glue into the Big Book on the adjacent matching page.
  • Extend: Have students work on another scene, or add illustrations to student version copies you've added to your classroom library
  • Enable: provide more opportunity for oral rehearsal of visualised scenes, and chart some key words with the students to support labelling and captioning. 
  • Continue reading, visualising and illustrating over the next few lessons.

You'll soon have everyone living happily ever after.

Look for the mini-book version of the same fairy tale which is also available. Create individual copies for your students, or add a few copies to your classroom library. Create a basket/tub of fairy tales to add to your classroom library, no matter what age your readers.


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