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Fairy Tales: Big Book - Little Red Riding Hood


Standard Resource

Years: K to 6

8 Pages

Product Code: TEAC952

Resource Type: Activities, Texts

About this teaching resource

Classic! How to Develop World Knowledge and Comprehension With Ease!

Bring classic stories into your students' world, not via the screen but into their visualising minds! 

What better way to share fairy tales with your students than through a class made Fairy Tales: Big Book which can then be used for Shared Reading!

Print and enlarge A4 to A3 copies of your choice of fairy tale.
Then staple, bind, read, illustrate .. and then reread!

Look for the Fairy Tales: Mini-Book version of the same fairy tale which is also on Teachific. Create individual copies for your students, or add a few copies to your classroom library. Create a basket/tub of fairy tales to add to your classroom library, no matter what the age of your readers.

How Create the Fairy Tale: Big Book with Your Class:

  • Have your students visualise the fairy tale as you read the first 2-3 pages aloud.Demonstrate illustrating, key word labelling and captioning a scene you have visualised.
  • Have your students turn and talk to describe the scene they visualised.
  • Offer small pieces of paper on which students can draw, label and caption the scene.
  • Glue into the Big Book on the adjacent matching page.
  • Extend: Have students work on another scene, or add illustrations to student version copies you've added to your classroom library
  • Enable: provide more opportunity for oral rehearsal of visualised scenes, and chart some key words with the students to support labelling and captioning. 
  • Continue reading, visualising and illustrating over the next few lessons.

These are all STANDARD resources,



Happy creating, visualising, talking, rehearsing, comprehending and key word labelling!



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